Wednesday, June 01, 2016
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Non-Partisan Bukit Batok RC puts up PAP Murali Banner

Dear Editor of TOC,

Please refer to your article "Non-Partisan Bukit Batok RC puts up PAP Murali Banner, taken down after complaints" dated 30/04/2016.

It makes 2 main points.

First, it says that the banner rack on which the PAP banner had been put up belongs to the RC Zone.

This is incorrect. The banner rack comes under Jurong-Clementi Town Council, not the RC.

During this campaign period, the Town Council allows both contesting parties to put up election banners, provided permission is sought and obtained from the Town Council.

The SDP had also put up at least 2 election banners on Town Council banner racks, but without putting in any application.

Second, the article claims that the PAP had taken down the banner after complaints were made that it had been placed on an RC banner rack.

Again, this is simply untrue, for 2 reasons. One, as we said earlier, this is a Town Council banner rack. And two, the banner was taken down and relocated to another location, not because of some claimed complaint, but because of a decision to shift to a better location.

Your article, therefore, is false.

Thank you.
Jurong-Clementi Town Council


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