CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners of the S&CC Pay by Giro & Win Promotion for the qualifying period 1 October 2023 to 31 December 2023! The promotion for this quarter is now closed, and the draw was held on 18 January 2024. Thank you for your prompt payments of your S&CC through GIRO and Recurring Credit Card Scheme. Do continue to support and use the scheme to qualify for the next quarter’s draw! Letters to the winners are on their way, so do look out for it in your mailbox.

$50 S&CC Rebate Lucky Draw Winners

Ea Yian Chua Loo Gek Eng
Hendro Purwanto Hoo Myo Min Thu
Huang Bo Quek Hua Tze
Jason Neo Jun Long Tan Cheh Keng
Koh Lai Khiang Tan Hooi Hong
Kwok Peng Jee, Reynold Tan Soon Hoon
Laxmanan Mahesh Babu Thang Siang Huat
Lee Chai Luan Wong Fook Loong
Lim Soon Seng Yip Weng Wah
Ling Yi Chin (Lin Yizhen) Yong Tai Choong, Vincent