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Minor Repair Services

The term contractors for Jurong-Clementi Town Council is able to offer some minor repair services to the residents of the HDB estates in Jurong GRC. You may contact the contractors directly if you need these services.


Handyman Service Rates*(exclude GST) Contractor
Electrical Works
1. Checking for defective wirings and fittings $30.00
Digo Corporation Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Ah Fook
Mobile: 8268 8231

Rates are valid until 31 Mar 2021


Chin Siong Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd

Contact Person: Andes
Mobile: 8218 1832

Rates are valid until 31 Mar 2023
2. Replacement of Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) 6-20 AMP $18.00
3. Replacement of lighting switches
  – Single gang $18.00
  – Double gang (2 to 5 gang) $25.00
4. Replacement of 13 AMP switch socket-outlet
  – Single gang $18.00
  – Double gang $22.00
5. Replacement of 15 AMP switch socket-outlet $30.00
6. Replacement of 20 AMP heater switch socket-outlet $30.00
Sanitary and Plumbing Works
1. Clearing of gulley chokage $40.00
388 Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Wang Jia
Mobile: 8188 7550

Rates are valid until 31 Mar 2023


Nam Plumbing Engineering Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Ah Chye

Mobile: 9455 7756

Rates are valid until 30 Jun 2023
2. Clearing of WC chokage $50.00
3. Clearing of basin chokage $30.00
4. Repairing of overflowing WC cistern $20.00
5. Replacement of sink / basin / WC cistern flexible inlet pipe $30.00
6. Repair of leaking surfaced water pipe joints $20.00
Building Works
a) Replace letterbox lock (per no.) $40.00
LAC Construction Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Terence
Mobile: 8268 6258

Rates are valid until 30 Apr 2023


Jie Xuan Engineering Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Bernard

Mobile: 8188 0114

Rates are valid until 31 Mar 2023
b) Replace kitchen M.S. casement window panels
  – plain (per no.) $140.00
  – tinted (per no.) $180.00
c) Replace window louvred blade
  – glass blade (per no.) $30.00
  – aluminium blade (per no.) $50.00
d) Replace hinges (per pair) for aluminium bin chute hopper cover $60.00

*These rates are based on work done during office hours:

Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am to 5.00pm 
Saturdays, 8.30am to 1.00pm (Not applicable for Building Works)

** Residents are under no obligation to engage the services of these contractors. You may wish to check on the market rates before deciding. Payment has to be made direct to the contractor upon completion of the works. The Town Council assumes no liability in respect of any unsatisfactorily service that may arise.