Response to Dr Chee Soon Juan’s statements made to the media on 27 June 2020
Jurong-Clementi Town Council would like to respond to the following points raised by Dr Chee Soon Juan to the media recently.

Canvas cover for barricading site damaged
This canvas cover was used to hoard works that were being carried out between Blocks 155 and 156 Bukit Batok. This canvas cover was damaged in a recent storm. On 22 June 2020, we instructed the contractor to replace the canvas cover. The cover was replaced in the evening of 25 June 2020 with safety nets. There was a delay on the part of the contractor as he did not have his full complement of workers arising from the control measures put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Revitalisation of Shops (ROS) at Blocks 150 to 159, 164 and 166 –delay in completion of works
The ROS programme was undertaken by us on behalf of shopkeepers represented by the Bukit Batok West Merchants Association.

The original contract period was supposed to end by 31 December 2019. The shopkeepers sought an extension of time so that there would not be too severe a disruption to their businesses; particularly during the festive period. We agreed as the principal ROS stakeholders are the shopkeepers.

By April 2020, 70% of the construction works was completed. Unfortunately, due to the inability to deploy workers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a further delay which continues to date. We have appraised the shopkeepers of these developments through the Merchants Association.

We, however, overlooked updating the contract period on the public signboard. We will take steps to update the signboard in due course.

NRP at Blocks 178 to 187 Bukit Batok West Ave 6/8 – the Town Council had delayed this project for 3 years
This NRP project commenced in the 4th Quarter of 2015 and was scheduled for completion in 3rd quarter of 2017. It comprises 2 parts:

1) NRP involves upgrading works which includes building of covered hardcourt and high link (at Blk 178), community garden (at Blk 186), and recreation station with multi-generation fitness stations and pavilion (at Blk 182); and
2) Repairs and redecoration (R&R) which involved largely repainting work

By 6 June 2017, we completed the R&R works and all the upgrading works, except for the construction of one linkway.

We could not construct the linkway as there was an existing electric substation (ESS) that was sited in the middle of the new linkway. The ESS was part of another programme (Electrical Load Upgrading). This programme involved the building of a new ESS and decommissioning and the demolition of the old ESS. This old ESS has since been decommissioned and demolished but the construction of the linkway was stopped due to the Covid-19 control measures. Tentatively, we target to complete this work in the 3rd quarter of 2020. We have updated the public signboard with the revised timelines.

Outdated print copy of lift certificate at Block 644A Bukit Batok Central (multi-storey carpark)
The Town Council has a system to monitor the validity of the permit to operate (PTO) for the 2,200 lifts the Town Council manages. The Town Council will initiate the testing of each lift within two months prior to the expiry of the PTO. This particular lift was tested on 8 November 2019 and the PTO was issued on 10 December 2019. With the fresh application, the validity of the PTO was renewed up to 31 December 2020. Hence, the lift is operating with a valid PTO. Our staff overlooked putting up the newest edition of the PTO.